I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Crayons, markers, you name it, give me a medium and a huge pad of paper, and I was a happy camper! My passion for art continued to grow as I did.


I started my career in the advertising department of a southern home improvement company. I moved to government contract type work after relocating to Virginia, and from there, designed for a medical marketing company. After a few years in marketing, I decided to freelance. But not as a graphic designer: I returned to illustration, my true passion.


I’ve worked on various projects and commissions for the past 9 years, from creating stationary products to illustrating a couple of children’s books for two local authors. Last year, I started designing patterns for fabrics, gift wrap, and wallpaper. I’ve opened up a shop on Spoonflower, “Super Art Girl”, where you can buy my designs. 


When I’m not in the studio with my studio assistants, Ian and Poe (a tabby cat and little chihuahua), I’m spending time with my awesome boys and hubby. I love hanging out in Colonial Williamsburg, listening to my oldest play saxophone, painting, reading, watching movies, or playing games. Usually with a cup of tea and one of my boys sketching with me.

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